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Cricut Maker & Simplicity Tank Top Doll Dress - @Cricut

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

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Hi Everyone! As some of you may know, Cricut has formed a partnership with the Simplicity pattern company, so now you can find some of your favorite sewing patterns on Cricut Access. This is great news for sewers because we can now purchase patterns right from our computers and send them straight to the Cricut Maker for cutting. There is no more running out to the store to buy the pattern; no more pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric; no more cutting; no more working with tissue thin pattern pieces!! Simply lay your fabric down on the mat, and load into the Cricut Maker for cutting. And may I ad that despite decades of sewing experience, I could never cut as accurately as the Maker with the amazing Rotary Blade. The pieces are cut so precisely which makes lining up your notches, dots and seams so easy. So, let's go download a pattern and start sewing!

I am using the Simplicity Tank Top Doll Dress. You can locate it in Cricut Access by clicking the Ready-to-Make projects drop down menu located in the upper right corner of the screen and then typing "Tank Top Doll Dress" in the search box to the right.

You will need to purchase the pattern, but once you have the project on the screen, you can review the Detail Sheet which gives you all the important information you need to know before you make the purchase including: a description of the project, skill level, materials needed and preparation.

You can also take a look at the Assembly Instructions by clicking on the PDF at the bottom of the detail sheet.

After you have purchased your project, you can start loading your mats for cutting. You will find the instructions for precutting your fabrics in the Preparation section of the Detail Sheet for the project. In addition to cutting your pieces, the Cricut Maker will also be marking all the circles and lines necessary for assembly onto your fabric. I like to have my markings on the wrong side of the fabric, so I place the fabric right side down on the mats. If you prefer your markings to be on the right side of the fabric, then place your fabric right side up on the mats. I also like to keep my fabric within the outer grid lines of the mat as I do not want any materials to interfere with the black rollers on the Maker as they ride up and down the sides of the mat.