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About Rosie!

Sewing has been my life-long passion which began in my early childhood.  Do you remember the cardboard sewing cards our mothers gave us to practice hand stitching on?  I would stitch them over and over until my mother finally let me graduate to a hand sewing needle, thread and fabric.

Both my grandmothers were avid sewers which included crocheting and knitting.  I learned all I could from them.  My fondest Christmas memory was receiving hand crocheted sweaters from one grandmother each year.  She instilled in me the value of both giving and receiving a beautifully hand crafted item. 

At 12, I began to machine sew on my mother's old Singer and quickly fell in love with garment construction.  Since that time, I have been involved with just about every type of sewing there is.  Today, my two greatest passions in sewing are garment construction and quilting.  

Sewing has been my roots, but I have found joy in creating through other mediums.  My most recent passion has been in soap making, scrapbooking and there is so much more to explore.


Rosie's Art Studio

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