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Welcome to Rosie's Art Studio

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I have always had a creative spirit and it is my belief that all humans are gifted with the same creative spirit. We prove this in our every day lives whether we are solving a simple problem or creating a great work of art. As a child, I enjoyed are and loved to make things. I was in awe of someone who could put pencil to paper and draw from their mind's eye and became very frustrated when I could not do the same. Forty years later, I discovered that creativity comes in many forms and being able to draw is not the only way to be an artist. I have learned to use my talents and resources available to me to create something unique. Creativity dos not always involve a new idea. AS a child, my grandmother would crochet each grandchild a new sweater at Christmastime. This was not a new idea, but it was a unique creation for each of us who received them. She used the resources of her time, her tools, her yarn and her talent...she was an artist!

Anytime someone has a new idea, writes a book, paints a picture, builds a website, solves a problem, they have used their creativity.

Over the years, I have enjoyed being creative through the mediums of fiber art, sewing, soap making, teaching video production and computer programming and there is so much more to explore.

Please join me so that we may Explore Creativity Together!

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Rosie's Art Studio

Exploring Creativity Together

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