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Let's Sew the Essential Zipper Pouch by Rosie & David Patterns

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The Essential Zipper Pouch by Rosie & David Patterns is a small pouch measuring approximately 8" Wide by 4.5" High. It is great for storing some smaller items such as knitting and crochet needles with related notions, eyeglasses, pens and pencils or whatever else you might need to organize. I use 100% Cotton Quilting fabrics along with Annie's Soft & Stable sew-in foam interfacing. I use the Juki DX4000QVP Kokochi sewing machine to construct the pouch. There are links to the pattern template and project sheet below as well as a step-by-step video tutorial demonstrating how to construct the pouch.

Happy Sewing!



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