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Let's Sew Five Perfect Pouches with No Dent Sides by Rosie & David Patterns

In April, 2021, I released a video that has been very popular showing my technique for shortening a zipper, adding zipper tabs and sewing it into a pouch with no dent sides. The video was only meant to show a technique, but since publishing that video, I have had a lot of requests for a pattern. Because I have had so many requests, I have drafted a pattern to make the pouch in five different sizes. The pouches can be made with 100% Quilting Cotton or Linen Blend Fabrics for both the Exterior and Lining. Pellon SF101 is used for the interfacings. After introducing the Five Perfect Pouches in the video, I show a replay of my original video which will serve as the instructions for constructing the pouches as they are sewn in the same way as the original pouch. This is a free pattern which you can download using the link below.

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