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Let's Sew a Scalloped ID Card Holder by Rosie & David Patterns

The Scalloped ID Card Holder by Rosie & David Patterns is a cute, fast and fun project! It is designed to be made with vinyl that you can cut using an SVG file for the Cricut Maker. It has two ID windows on the inside and closes with a Kamsnap. This is a great item for selling at craft shows. You can use yours to carry your ID and it is a great way to present a gift card to someone special. Below you will find a link to the step-by-step YouTube tutorial showing how to construct the

Card Holder along with the SVG file for cutting on the Cricut Maker. Please note that the SVG file has only been tested on the Cricut Maker, but feel free to give the file a try on other platforms.

Below is an image of the SVG file loaded into Cricut Design Space. I have labeled each piece to identify which vinyl you need to use for that particular piece. I also included a 2" Test Square so that you can ensure that the file loaded into Design Space at the correct size. You can also use the 2" Square to test the cut settings of the vinyl you are using.

Please share the Card Holders you make and let us know how you are using them in my Facebook Group: Rosie & David Patterns! (

Happy Sewing!



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