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Let's Make a Cardholder Wallet

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

This post contains an affiliate link. If you choose to make a purchase using this link, I do make a small commission, but it is at no extra cost to you.

Here is a quick and cute project I designed which is my Cardholder Wallet. It has four separate slots for you to hold cards and cash. The wallet folds in half and will fit easily into your pocket when you want to travel light. I used two different materials to construct the wallet. The one pictured below on the left is made from Veg Tan Leather that is 1mm thick. When assembled, the wallet is 3-layers thick, so if you are choosing to make one from leather, you will need to make sure that your sewing machine can accommodate 3mm of leather thickness. I sewed the leather wallet on my Juki DNU1541S. The one on the right is made from cork fabric which I sewed on my

Juki TL2010Q.

You can choose to cut your pieces out by hand with my free downloadable PDF pattern or use your Cricut Maker to cut the pieces with my free downloadable SVG file. You will need to unzip the SVG file after you download it. The SVG file was designed to be used on the Cricut Maker and the file has not been tested on any other electronic die cutting machines.

Below is an image of SVG file loaded into Cricut Design Space. Each piece is labeled so that you can identify the pieces that you need to cut. I also included a 2" Test Square to ensure that the file loaded into Design Space at the correct size. You can also use the 2" square to test cut the materials you are using.

I have prepared a step-by-step YouTube video that will walk you through the construction of the wallet.

In addition, I have prepared a second YouTube video where I share some tips and tricks for cutting Veg Tan leather and cork fabric on the Cricut Maker using the Knife Blade and Rotary Cutter, respectively. The Cricut Maker is a great tool for cutting out your pieces with great accuracy.

If you would like to purchase the Cricut Maker, you may do so with my following Affiliate Link.

If you choose to make a purchase using my link, I do make a small commission, but it is at no extra cost to you.

Happy Sewing,


The opinions, text and pictures in this post are my own.

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