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Cricut & Riley Blake Designs @Official Cricut

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

This post contains affiliate links for Cricut Products which are highlighted in green. If you choose to make a purchase using these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.​

Within the quilting world, we have many choices. Cricut, in addition to giving us more choices, is giving us a lot of added convenience to help us create beautiful quilts by offering Riley Blake Designs Digital Patterns, Fabric Kits and Cricut Sewing Tools all in one place!

Choice and Convenience in Pattern Selection

First off, Cricut has partnered with Riley Blake Designs which means we have access to many of the beautiful Riley Blake quilting patterns through Cricut Access.

You can take time browsing through the different patterns. If you see one you would like to make, simply click on its icon and you will be brought to a project sheet that will give you detailed information on the skill level, size, fabric and tools needed, and preparation to name a few.

Most importantly, from the project sheet, you can access a PDF file which contains the complete assembly instructions which you can look over before you make your purchase. I have to say, this is not something you typically have access to when purchasing any pattern. And, you can download these PDF patterns making them easily accessible when assembling your quilt.

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial that will also help walk you through the process of selecting your pattern.

Choice and Convenience in Fabric Selection

Another great convenience you have access to are coordinating

Riley Blake Fabric Kits that are specifically prepared to work with the pattern you choose to make. The Riley Blake line of fabrics are high quality 100% cotton quilting fabrics. They have a wonderful hand and you will be able to create a true heirloom quilt with these fabrics. And, best of all, you can click on a the link right from the project sheet to shop for these kits.

Each kit will tell you which patterns they coordinate with. For instance, I am making the "All Wrapped Up Throw", so I simply scroll to the kits that are meant to work with any of the throw size patterns.

This is a great option when you need to make a quilt, but don't have time to shop around for just the right coordinating fabrics.

Convenience in Cutting Fabric

Best of all, we can cut all our fabrics on the Cricut Maker with the amazing rotary cutting blade. If anyone has cut out a quilt with a manual rotary blade, you know how tedious it can be to cut out hundreds of pieces while trying to be consistent with your cuts. Triangles can be especially challenging to cut. Just a very slight difference in cutting from one square to the next can affect the outcome of your quilt. With the Cricut Maker, you will have very precise, consistent cuts on every piece which makes piecing much easier resulting in a finely finished quilt top.

Convenience and Choice in Tools

Cricut also now offers some wonderful tools for quilting and sewing. If you are just getting started with sewing or quilting, here are some of their offerings:

A Self Healing Mat in two sizes:

18" X 24" or 24" X 36"

These mats are two sided with one side being a darker gray and the other being a lighter gray. This is very helpful when cutting light or dark fabrics. Just choose the side that works best for the fabrics you are cutting. The mats also have a nice thickness to them and have a supple feel. There is a 1" border around the edges and it offers incremental markings down to 1/8", angle markings and blue lines which indicate the 12"X12" and 12"X24" Cricut cutting mat sizes. This makes it convenient when preparing fabric to cut on the Maker.

A 45mm Rotary Cutter is also available which has been designed for both right and left handed people to use and comes with a quick release blade cover for safety.

Also available is a great 12"X 24" Acrylic Ruler with incremental markings and angles that work together with the self healing mats. The 12" width of the ruler makes precutting of your fabrics to cut on the Maker a breeze!

The Self Healing Mat, Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler can also be purchased in one kit!

Cricut also has a great Sewing Kit available complete with 8" shears, pins, pin cushion, measuring tape, seam ripper and more.

One of my favorite items to use when sewing was actually designed to use with the Cricut Easy Press. It is a great Ironing Pad called the Easy Press Mat that I like to keep next to my sewing machine to press a seam quickly. This great pad now comes in three sizes.

You can also purchase a Washable Fabric Pen to place in the Maker which will make any required markings right onto your fabric.

Cricut really has thought of everything you may need to create your beautiful quilt. And with the digital patterns and the Maker, the stress of cutting really has been eliminated!

Let's get quilting!

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